Area 162 m²

Location Budapest

Dob3 beer- and whisky bar invokes the inner space of the classic British pubs in one of the main streets of the best bar-hopping district in Budapest. Tarnished and heavy materials dominate in the mysteriously dim, vaulted space, providing a timeless, lasting presence.

The main inspiration came from the British pubs, so we designed a deep, contiguous place with raw brick walls and vaults, but we opened it up a little to create a brighter atmosphere. From the very beginning, we devoted particular attention to the consistency of the graphic and interior design, working together with graphic designer Miklós Kiss.

The place is all about beer: this beverage, with a large variety of flavors, provides the keystone of the interior and graphic design concept. The interior space is dominated by dense materials: rustic oak, elm, raw steel, stainless and copper surfaces, leather in different shades, stone and brick textures. The delicate and playful concept of the graphic design and the sophisticated details – inspired by the diversity of the beer – softens up the masculinity of the interior. We enchanted the place with several clever and unique solutions: Different beer glass silhouettes differentiate the lead linings of the wooden tables.



The walls have been decorated according to our concept. One of them is covered with a canvas bag texture with a clean logo on it, creating a mood about the transportation of the ingredients – malt, barley and grain; the essentials for making beer and whisky. Also, there is a wall installation made of various beer coasters and on the opposite wall an inverse logo of the place appears, eroded from plaster. The renovated industrial and uniquely designed lamps provide intimate lighting, completing to the place’s atmosphere.


The graphic image playfully displays the beer from a completely different aspect. Part-whole relationship appears while ‘reading between the lines’, which can be interpreted for the interior design as well: the letters are different, just as the characteristics of the served beers, but the general impression still stays complete.






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